Play Hard, Make History.

Welcome to our Closed Beta. Please join #xplayn on Dnet, where we'll first establish the Xplayn community.

It's like IRC, just better. <3

We're incredibly thankful for your time and feedback, especially this early in our development. As a token of our appreciation, you've been upgraded to a Founder/VIP profile.

You're flying Xplayn Airlines First Class for life,

Kim Rom
Founder & CEO (x2)



  • The 4 rounds of Xplayn beta
  • Round1: Core Mechanics
  • Frontpage
  • Gear/product page
  • User/profile page


The 4 rounds of Xplayn beta

We are planning to do 4 stages of beta-testing, expanding the test group and inviting more members for each phase.

We'll open the Xplayn to the world as Round4 testing concludes.


Round1: Core Mechanics

This first test is focused on the core mechanics behind Xplayn.

We've designed Xplayn around a low friction, high yield data capture mechanism. We combine that with technical data, pro gamer data, media data and ecommerce links. When and if we get this right, we want to serve the entire esports community with the world's best recommendations for pc gaming gear. We will monetize this through affiliate links, with zero cost or inconvenience to our users.

We firmly believe that will provide a superior user experience to any advertising-based business model. Seriously, f*ck banners.


  • MicroReview
  • MacroReview
  • Xscore
  • Equip/inventory

We currently have 950 mice, keyboards, headsets and mousepads in our database, if we are missing one of your products, please let us know on Discord and we'll get it added ASAP.



This is what the [round1] frontpage will look like for you. The top section will always feature our latest esports content, while the next section will contain listicles of esports gear, pro gamers and content from members of the Xplayn community.


This is what the frontpage will look like to you in [round3].


Gear/product page

We've have built an index of every piece of notable esports gear we could find, from Boomslang to DeathAdder Ultra-RGB-Hyper-Glow. We want this page to become a useful research destination when it's time to upgrade, and we are planning to add more data/sections later in our roadmap.

Pro Analysis will be added to the page in [round2], the other sections are ready to be tested now.

We'll open up 500 users slots for [round1]. As we polish the experience, squash bugs and invite users more from the waiting list, this should start to feel solid for the most popular products.


The initial Xscore ranking (to kickstart the system) is based on more than 25,000 user reviews compiled from various ecommerce platforms. We consider these numbers roughly 50% bullshit, so this data will be purged with #holyfire +5 as we increase the number of MicroReviews and MacroReviews on Xplayn.

Xscore is calculated based on a number of factors, here's an example: the longer someone has used his gear, the more of an expert he is in the flaws of that product and thus his feedback is more valuable to the community than someone who just bought the headset an hour ago. Xscore assigns weighted value to all reviews, based on the period of time that product has been used.

We will be discussing Xscore later on, after we've crunched the learnings from the 500 members in [round1].


Product details

We currently have 950 mouse, keyboard, headset, mousepad products in the [x] database. We have gone through the painstaking process of manually gathering and verifying technical specifications for all of them.

If you find anything off, please let us know. We both know that you will, that's why you're here. <3



What really matters when we are looking to upgrade or replace our gear? MicroReviews was designed to visualize first-hand community experience for the stuff that matters the most.

  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Build Quality
  • Software Quality
  • Value for Money

We think this information is useful to everyone, especially when based on data from thousands of pc master race cores.



No one knows a gaming product more than a gamer who has used it for hundreds of hours of /playtime. As we populate our system with users reviews, we'll begin serving relevant reviews based on your preferences. Example, if you play Counter-Strike, we'll show you the top reviews from Counter-Strike and FPS-players first.


Media Reviews

Every media review on the Internet. Meta-scored for your pleasure. We compile and normalize thousands of peripheral reviews from the mainstream gaming and tech media.


User/profile page

We want to make it as effortless and friction-less as possible to slot your equipment. This will allow us to show you realtime comparissons to your gear, as you browse new products or users on Xplayn.

The profile page will later feature  )*(*Y7$$##!!3. Soon.