Play Hard, Make History

Xplayn creates quality content and tools for the esports community, including long-form /whois profiles with long-long-form video interviews and color-videos.

Our content and coverage primarily focus on honoring the people who make esports awesome today, as well as the people that made it all possible to begin with. We're also building a data-driven algorithmic Xscore-ranking of every 🖱️ ⌨️ 🎧 & ◼️ in esports, a free research tool for the community launching Q1 2020.

Andthen wetry tobe funneh. If you have mother issues, difficulty understanding humor or have problems grasping simple basic concepts, maybe it's okay to not use our tools or digest any of our content. Maybe that would be better for you, us, everyone?

Xplayn is a discovery platform for esports gear and gaming equipment, with a global ranking for every mouse, keyboard, headset and mousepad used in esports - powered by our Xscore algorithm. We’re establishing a new community standard for how pc gaming peripherals are benchmarked and truly valued.

20 years ago we launched some of the first websites in competitive gaming, following the release of a free multiplayer-only no-story no-single-player shooter called Counter-Strike. Competitive gaming wasn’t just a new way of playing games, it was an entirely new way of being a player.

We want to build the worlds most useful discovery platform for esports gear, respectfully served without advertising crap or marketing mumbojumbo. A free research tool for the pc gaming community, monetized through relevant and informative referral links that doesn't crap all over the user experience.

Most websites in esports operate on an advertising or sponsorship-driven business model, which often devalues either user experience or content credibility. We have chosen a different path for Xplayn.

May the Meta be with you, always.